About the Series

The ANZ Magic Super Series is a competitive program for Magic The Gathering, specifically designed for players in Australia and New Zealand. Each year is divided into three Cycles. WPN Stores across these regions can host Store Qualifiers as part of the Series.

What are Cycles?

Cycles are distinct phases of the ANZ Magic Super Series, each culminating in a Regional Championship. Each Cycle will have a specific format (Standard, Pioneer, Modern) which defines the format of the Regional Championship.

Players can compete through Store Qualifiers, City Qualifiers and Last Chance Qualifiers during the Cycle to win spots in the Regional Championship, where top finishers can earn cash prizes and qualifications to the Pro Tour and World Championships.

Promotional Magic cards are available each Cycle for participation and top finishes. Check the Cycle Information for the more information on what promos are available.

How to Participate?

WPN stores in Australia and New Zealand can register to join the Series and host Store Qualifiers during the Cycle. Winners of these Store Qualifiers will earn a spot for that cycle’s Regional Championship.

Players can enter multiple Store Qualifiers and continue competing even after qualifying. If a player wins additional qualifiers, the spot is passed to the next highest-placed non-qualified player.

WPN Premium Stores can host an additional Qualifier, with both the winner and runner-up qualifying for the Regional Championship. For a full list of registered stores, please click here.

Selected stores in major cities will also run City Qualifiers, offering additional spots for entry into the Regional Championship

Super Series Weekend

Each Cycle will finish with a Super Series Weekend, a three day celebration of Magic: the Gathering, featuring the Regional Championship as well as numerous side events, vendors and artists!

Regional Championship

The Regional Championship is the final test for players during each Cycle, with spots in the Pro Tour and World Championships on offer as well as large cash prizes. There will also be some unique promo cards available.

Only players who have qualified during that Cycle may enter the Regional Championship.

Top finishers will earn qualification to the Pro Tour. The Winner will also win qualification to the World Championships.

Last Chance Qualifiers

Missed your Store Qualifier? During the Super Series Weekend players will have the opportunity to join Last Chance Qualifier events with the winners gaining qualification into the Regional Championship.

Side Events

Each Super Series Weekend will have a host of other great events that will be open to the public, check out the weekend information for the cycle to see what is on and plan your day.

Rules Enforcement Level

Store Qualifiers and Regional Championships operate at a Competitive Rules Enforcement Level. Participants must register their decks.

You can find out about Magic tournament rules here.

Entry Fees and Prize Structure

Stores independently set their entry fees and prize structures. Contact your local store to learn if they have registered for the current Cycle and their plans for fees and prizes.

Travel Allowance

We will have a budget allocated for a Travel Allowance to assist qualified players attending the Regional Championships. Check each cycles information for cut off dates and application instructions.

ANZ Magic Super Series