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Qualifying Standard #1 @ Turn Order Games
Turn Order Games
17th February, 2024, 10:00am

Event Details

Entry Fee: $30 AUD
Season: Cycle Six - Melbourne
Format: Standard
Type: Qualifying
Date: February 17, 2024
Start time: 10:00 AM
Store: Turn Order Games



Ittai Waterson


Address: 15B Elonera Road, First Floor

Event Description

Format: Standard - Competitive rules enforcement (decklists required - complete at https://forms.gle/PPQtZBFNZqmYi18cA)

Date: 18th February

Time: 9AM Registration, 10AM Start

Entry: $30


1st place at each event will receive an invite to Super Series Final.

All players will receive participation promos, and booster packs based on number of round wins.

1st: Foil Expressive Iteration promo

1st-8th: Expressive Iteration promo

Participation: Explore Promo

ANZ Magic Super Series